Welcome to Wolf Springs Off Road Park, Inc.    2015 promises some great additions to the park.   Everyone worked hard last fall and we have the major work done on the new mega pit, mud track, mud drag strips and the new and improved tank trap. We will also be adding additional hill climb/crawling areas.  If you've been here and liked the old tank trap, you're going to love the new one.  Dan has many other things planned.  We hope you will join us for a muddy good time!  Every event raises funds for our local community.  Click on "About" for more information.  Like & Follow us on Facebook to receive park updates.


     Rules are simple:

**No glass containers

**No Pets

**Everyone entering the park must sign a liability waiver. Entering the park is at your own risk. The park is not responsible for injury, damages or loss to self or property.

**Wristbands must be worn throughout the entire stay. No wristband, you will be asked to leave or pay to re-enter.

**Mudding areas are for mudding, grassy areas are for camping and parking. Get caught tearing up grass and run the risk of being escorted from the park.

**No Riding in the back of trucks (you may ride inside the bed for transportation between venues only)

**No passengers under 10 in participants trucks while in pits

**Helmets recommended but not required for trucks (Required for classes and ATV's)

**Seat belts are required & open chassis rigs must have roll cage

**NO DRINKING and DRIVING!!! - Period!! - same rules apply as if you were on the road!! Please drink in moderation!


**ATV's allowed in pits only during designated times - may be used for transportation through park and on trails anytime. (ALL ATV'S AND SIDE x SIDES MUST HAVE A FLAG (5' minimum) AND HELMETS)

**Fire extinguishers recommended (we will have fire extinguishers placed at various places thru the property - check the map for details!)

**Absolutely no spectators in the pit areas - please stay in designated spectator areas for your safety

**All vehicles must obey 5 mph park road speed limit

**Children 8 & under must be accompanied by an adult when riding the Swamp Bus (no standing on seats or putting head or arms out the windows please)

**Campfires must be attended at all time - please do not burn plastic or cans - paper/cardboard only please!!

** Please don't litter.  There are plenty of trash cans through the park.m

**No exit/re-entry to park after 9:00 pm 

**Quiet time is from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am

We want everyone to have a safe, fun, and muddy time.


May 16 & 17

June 13 &14

July 18 & 19

August 15 & 16

September 5 & 6 -Labor Day Weekend

October 3 & 4 - Halloween Fun - Haunted Hayride Saturday night.

October 31

Gate opens at 9:00 am (Campers may enter camping area Friday after 4:00 pm)

Action starts at 10:00 am each day.

Saturday - Band plays 6:00-10:00 pm

Sunday park closes at 5:00 PM.

$10 donation per day - driver/rider or spectator.

$5  (day or weekend) per vehicle.

Children 10 & under free (must be accompanied by parent/guardian).


A giant thank you to everyone who has helped make the park a success.

  • Kevin & Johnna Rice - Rice's Transportation & Fire Extinguisher Service
  • White's Repair Service
  • Cowanesque Valley Recycling
  • Ed Jolly Jr & Ed Jolly Sr.
  • Johnson Auto Repair
  • John Vasco
  • Brett Reimann
  • David Gadsden
  • Swamp Bus Graphics by Popeyes Printing
  • Christina & Tom Kent
  • Phil Wood Farm
  • Crossfire Oil & Gas Field Services
  • Centre Concrete
  • Phil Harding
  • Middleton Tire Service
  • Sutty's Salvage
  • Pat Trowbridge
  • Wellsboro  Rental Center
  • Hess Farm Tire
  • W. G. Seither & Co.

Special thanks to our volunteer staff!

We are happy to announce that we are partnered with Westfield Area Drug and Education.  They will be attending our events along with some members of the local Girl Scout Troop assisting with our kids games.  Stop by their tent and check them out.

Don't forget to bring your appetite, we've got some awesome food vendors to serve you.


2015 Band Line Up:

URGENT - PLEASE READ - Penndot is still working on sealing a bridge on Merrick Hill Road which leads to the park and the road is closed near the Rt 49 end. You will be coming in one road over and it's an easy drive.

If you are coming in from the west through Knoxville just follow the detour signs. Do not turn right where the detour takes a right off the Locey Creek Road onto Doan Road but continue on one more mile on Locey Creek to the Butler Hill Road which will be on your right just after the "S" turn. At the end of the straight stretch on Butler Hill, the road bends sharply to the right. Don't stay on Bulter Hill but go straight onto the Daniels Road (dirt road) which will take you directly to the park. We will post signs.

If you are coming from the east from Elkland, you will see the Osceola Big M supermarket on your left. Just past that is the town of Osceola. Turn left onto the Locey Creek Road and follow the directions above. We will have signs posted just before the left turn in Osceola.

See you this weekend!!

See urgent message below

regarding road detour